dangerism (dangerism) wrote,

Odin Sphere HD Project: #00 A glimpse into that possibility

I came across some new info on the internet regarding texture dumps from PCSX2 via TexMod. Turns out it wasn't that the program was dumping textures incorrectly, but rather the strange colour model used (perhaps by the PS2 in general) which is BGR instead of RGB. I programmed a channel swapper action in Photoshop and yes, everything turned out correctly in fact. So, I took some dumps, then passed them through an xBR filter, and arrived with the following shot.

Odin Sphere upscaled, Upscaled with XBR
Normal PCSX2 render for comparison.

So far so good as proof-of-concept, but still looks like just applying a shader to the whole thing instead of upscaling individual items. So my plan is to later clean up all of the pieces by hand so that it looks like a proper HD version.

Odin Sphere WIP 01
WIP Shot 01: Cleaned up some of the alpha channels, and detailed her eyes. And yeah, got to see some bugs when it's in motion.

That's all for now. I later found out that TexMod has been succeeded by an open source project. I will look into it and see if I should upgrade to that instead of the original TexMod. 
Tags: emulation, hi-res tex, odin sphere, ps2, texmod

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