Garadriel Falldown

Not you again Momo....

Dolphin has now implemented Hi-res Texture loading from Loadstates. I'm considering to revisit this old project once more.
1) Standard Muramasa sprite
2) Doublesized up, and smoothed out the pixels
3) Sharpen
4) Duplicate layer that sharpens dark edges

Between 2,3 and 4, which one do you like best? I'll try to match up the rest of the body parts to that quality. I think step 4 is too much, probably a halfway point between 3 and 4 is better.
Saki go round

Yes I did it!

Biggest win yet:
Scoring hand:

  • Riichi (declare ready)

  • Pinfu (all sequence)

  • Ryanpeikou (two double sequence)

  • Chiniisoo (one suite, closed)

  • Aka dora (red tile)

Not Counted:
Chiitoitsu (Seven Pairs), because double sequence takes precedence.

It was an short & awesome match, in which large scoring hands were thrown here and there, but the finishing move was just too much! XD
For illustration purposes only: what my opponent's reaction must be like.

Rewatch the match on Tenhou.
Run Nitori!

Arah Timur 2 @ ComicFiesta 2010

We will be selling Arah Timur 2 at Comic Fiesta 2010. It's a compilation with my works, bonebox, BoksonD, OniPolice, & Momeeji... the usual DFC idiots. Anyway, it's black & white so we'll probably be selling it cheap.
Arah Timur 2 Cover

I also guested in YonGumix 06, the book by the YonGumi. It's a 3-pager in colour. My comic I mean, not the book. The book is thick!

So see yah at Berjaya Times Square this weekend!
Scared Rianna

My finger points

My left index finger got caught between my car's door while I was closing it yesterday. Don't ask me how. The pain didn't have me sprouting censored words immediately, instead it's just that little feeling that goes: hurts. hurts. hurts. HURTS. hurts. hurts. orz

As I had to stay overnight at the office to finish up some video edits, I only slightly relieved the pain with a damp tissue I threw into the freezer and used as cold wrapper thing. Well, it did help me stay awake while I was working, that's for sure. But I use that finger a lot for typing as well as holding down the ALT/Apple key down. So had to substitute it one finger down, and thus giving the left pinky finger a whole lot more action than it's ever seen. -_-

When I got home before morning broke out, the finger was swollen and throbbing. Applied some gamat balm, then hit the sack. Had a hard time falling asleep, but when I did, I awoke an hour later because my body was telling me something was wrong. It seems that the lower consciousness of my brain decided the best way for me to deal with it was to limit blood supply to the arm so that the swelling is lessened (and thus no pain!). So I actually had to issue an order from the higher consciousness to stop doing that, get blood flowing again and just ignore the pain. It took me a bit more to fall back to sleep, but this time no nonsense was going on.

Right now under the nail looks like a frostbite, with all the dark blood clots hanging around there to contrast the nail's whitish colour. Also can't fully bend said finger, still some light swelling preventing that somehow. The only comfortable position for it at the moment is when it's straight, so I'm like inadvertently pointing at things whenever I'm doing something with my left hand.

Oh, today is a holiday, but it sucks. I guess that's better than dealing with this on a working day though.